Erenette Yeager
エレネット•イエガー Erenetto Iegaa
Alias(es) Unknown
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Age 15
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic
Birthplace Zhigasina
Birthdate November 18th, 1995
Eye Color Cerulean
Hair Color Sky Blue (Angel Gardenia)

Brown (Erenette)

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Alter Ego Angel Gardenia
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Theme Ego Gardenia

Erenette is one of the two special Cures from Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic. Her alter ego is Angel Gardenia (エンジェルガーデニア Enjeru Gaadenia?).


We may not remember Erenette that well, but we identify her as a mysterious girl who transfers from Myoudou Academy. When first introduce, Erenette does not socialize that much, which cause her to be hardly emotionless. She wasn't truly that emotionless, and so on, she cares about her friends, other than the hidden identification that she does not know. Sometimes, Erenette can go into embarrassment, a slight melancholy, or a rough wrath when there are a small horde of trauma provoking her crucially.


Erenette majorly take the form of a girl who is possibly originated as a German citizen. Erenette have cerulean-colored eyes, while she have brown hair with a long waist style and is styled into a lower ponytail.

Angel GardeniaEdit

Angel Gardenia (エンジェルガーデニア Enjeru Gaadenia?) is Erenette's Pretty Cure ego.

Color PalettesEdit



  • Erenette Yeager's name is possibly a reference for Eren Yeager (or Eren Jaeger in some subs), from Attack on Titan , and this is truthfully a gender-bent version of himself.
    • Both of these characters share traits, such as turquoise eyes and brown hair.


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