Dream On! Pretty Cure! is a series about the Dream On! Cure team of girls that defend dreams from nightmares.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Cures Edit

Ayuma Mizuki/Cure Dreamy

Akira Ayako/Cure Luna

Hikari Hana/Cure Starlight

Miu Miyako/Cure Midnight

Ai Misaki/Cure Dawn

Rei Shinju/Cure Dusk

Mascots Edit

Cloudy: A dream chihuahua bonded to Ayuma.

Moona: A dream Siamese cat bonded to Akira

Uni: A dream unicorn bonded to Hikari

Cinderella/Cindy: A dream mouse bonded to Miu

Cupid: A dream dove bonded to Ai.

Meri: A dream bat bonded to Rei.

Villains Edit

Night Maria

Scream and Shriek


Bad Dreams

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