This is a sequel to DokiDoki Precure that take place after Sonic Precure.


  • Light and Dark
  • Card Suites
  • Flying


Mana and Amy became close friends, but now that Amy has returned home, Mana can't help but miss her. One day, the shadows of an alley reveal a lonely orphan named Allie whom Mana takes home to take care of her. However, there is an evil called White Night and his army Ombra who are out to steal shadow energy to banish the Sun and create eternal night.






White NightEdit

Leader of Ombra and the main antagonist. He claimed to have created Black Sun to destroy the Sun but it went off course to create Queen Black Sun. Now he cames for Plan B: his minions collect shadow energy so he can have enough power to banish the Sun and create eternal night forever.


She is one of Ombra. She has little bats that she controls with her magic. Sometimes, she flies in the night to suck blood out causing people to be hospitalized.


He is a werewolf part of Ombra.


This member of Ombra had the wings and antenna of a moth. She can be easily distracted with floating shiny lights.

Dark (Leila)Edit

This cute little black cat fairy is actually a spy for Ombra, but she was soon befriended by Allie who re-named her Leila. She loves playing like a normal cat but can't help trying to fish and catch mice.


This series monsters that are created when Ombra uses people's shadows and help them collect enough shadow energy. The Sonic Precure uses their light to destroy them and revive the shadow to its rightful owner.

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