Colourful Rainbow Pretty Cure✿ is one of CureKanade's fan series. The theme is colours and rainbows.



Pretty CureEdit

Akahashi Akemi/Cure Red-The happy-go lucky leader of the team and is in the cheerleading club.

Tachibana Aki/Cure Orange- The sporty cure of the team who plays Basketball and does Archery.

Yonekura Taji/Cure Yellow- The shy cure of the team who loves to draw manga.

Midorikawa Haruki/Cure Green- The fast runner cure of the team who is on the running team.

Mizukawa Aoko/Cure Blue- The smartess cure of the team and is the student council president.

Yukie Asako/Cure Indigo- The annoying cure of the team who is in the art club with Taji.

Murasaki Sumire/Cure Violet- The elegant cure of the team and is in the cheerleading club with Akemi.


Niji- The mascot of the team.


King Darkness-





Nijihikari Middle School- The school that the cures go to.

Hikari Town- The town the cures live in.

Niji Okoku- Translated to Rainbow Kingdom, it is the kingdom Niji came from.

Darkness- The villains kingdom.


Rainbow Pen- Transformation device.

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