Classictoon Pretty Cure is Sarah West's 1st Pretty Cure Series! it will be cartoon theme, that has to do with old and new cartoon classics!

about Classictoon Pretty Cure Edit

Fauna/Cure Cat-main character in the line up, she is Felix the Cat's guardian, despite Felix's main color is black, Fauna's Cure Cat alter ego is Pink

Miranda/Cure Mouse-Fauna's best friend, she is Mickey Mouse's guardian, despite Mickey's main color is red, Miranda's Cure Mouse alter ago is Orange

Pauline/Cure Sailor-athletic friend of Fauna, she is Popeye's guardian, despite Popeye's main color is blue, Pauline's Cure Sailor alter ago is Yellow

Blanche/Cure Bunny-a great chef and Fauna's other best friend, she is Bugs Bunny's guardian, despite Bugs' main color is Gray! Blanche's Cure Bunny alter ego is Green

Willow/Cure Woodpecker-crazy but she is one of Fauna's other best friends, she is Woody Woodpecker's guardian, despite Woody's main color is multicolor, Willow's Cure Woodpecker alter ego is Blue

Daphne/Cure Dog-independent girl and Fauna's great friend, she is Droopy's guardian, despite Droopy's main color is white, Daphne's Cure Dog alter ego is Lavender/Purple

Crystal/Cure Crow-a funny and happy girl and Fauna's other super best friend, she is Crawford Crow's guardian, despite Crawford Crow's main color is black, Crystal's Cure Crow alter ago is Gray/Silver

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