Atomic Drive! Pretty Cure
(Atomikku Doraibu! Purikyua)
PredecessorVortex Pretty Cure!
SuccessorSuperNOVA♥ Pretty Cure

Misumi Nagisa (ミスミ渚 Misumi Nagisa)/Cure Guard (キュアガード Kyua Gādoan is a fan series created by Caramelangel714.



SPOILER: Civilian names are unknown.

Cure Kiwi
Cure Pear
Cure Strawberry
Cure Grape
Cure Blueberry
Cereza/Cure Cherry
Cure Coconut
Cure Blasp
Cure Clementine
Cure Melon
Ringo/Cure Apple
Cure Banana



  • Atomic Drive! Pretty Cure's early version was Melo✿Dream Pretty Cure, consisting of early designed characters:
    • Meiji Peggy/Cure Lemon
    • Victoria Citria/Cure Lime
    • Suzubudo Chiyo/Cure Grape
    • Kioban Ichogo/Cure Strawberry
    • Aobana Riya/Cure Blueberry
    • Len Tang/Cure Mandarin
    • Guxie Ripples/Cure Blasp
    • Hinatani Luo/Cure Pear
    • Kyorino Rinko/Cure Kiwi
    • Suikagami Manaki/Cure Melon
    • Casi L'aMour/Cure Banana
    • Hoshisaki Ariko/Cure Star
    • Kita Ririno/Cure Açaí
    • Kita Ringo/Cure Apple
      • Melo✿Dream Pretty Cure is thought to have a yellow Cure, but it is better to use a green Cure.
  • This is the first Caramelangel714 fan series to contain a green lead Cure


Property of Caramel
Square caramel
Atomic Drive! Pretty Cure is created by Caramelangel714.

I do not allow any inserts of spoilers in this article. Please make up your decision at your own risk.

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