About the MovieEdit

Misumi Nagisa (ミスミ渚 Misumi Nagisa)/Cure Guard (キュアガード Kyua Gādoan is a movie and the theme is angel. This movie stars Kurumi Erika.


Erika (or Hoshi) and her family has visited Tokyo, Japan and meets the girls of J-pop then it became the Cure Guardians. Then what happened when the girls from Pretty Cure became angry and unfriendly. Later Momoka has called her new name for Erika is "Hoshi".

Erika saw a monster and most of those monsters! Erika became Cure Marine.


Pretty CuresEdit

Kurumi Erika/Cure Marine
Also known as Hoshi, she is the main character. She has many appearances and forms. Her used alter ego is Cure Marine and her upgrade/special alter ego is Smile Marine. She also have other Cure forms as well.

Kurumi Momoka/Cure Violet
Erika's older sister. Her alter ego is Cure Violet and her upgrade/special alter ego is Golden Smash.

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