Akimoto Komachi
秋元 こまち Akimoto Komachi
Alias(es) The Mage of Force (title)
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Age 15-16
Gender Female
Season Yes! Pretty Cure 5
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Birthdate March 10, 1995
Eye Color Turquoise
Hair Color Green (Cure Mint)

Dark Green (Komachi)

Family Akimoto Madoka (twin sister)


Alter Ego Cure Mint
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Theme Ego Green Butterfly/Rose

Komachi is one of the official characters of the Pretty Cure franchise and one of the main Cures of Yes Pretty Cure 5 and its sequel, GoGo. Her alter ego is Cure Mint (キュアミント Kyua Minto?), the Cure of Tranquility.



Quiet and studious Komachi likes reading and writing. She is very kind and polite, but will be very angry and bitter if provoked. Her sister, Madoka, has also told the others in Pretty Cure that Komachi is very weak and sulky when being even slightly criticized.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Komachi's symbol is the green monarch butterfly. Komachi's title is The Mage of Force (力の魔法使い Chikara no mahoutsukai?).

Komachi continues her fourth main role in the Pretty Cure Movie. Her new mascot is Chouko.


Komachi have short and straight hair with a dark green hair color, and turquoise-colored eyes.

As Cure Mint, Komachi's hairstyle merges into a large range of hair with a pair of octopus stems, falling to her thighs.

Cure MintEdit

The green Earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!
Yasuragi no midori no daichi, Kyua Minto!

Cure Mint (キュアミント Kyua Minto?), also known as the Cure of Tranquility, has a costume design resembling that of Cure Aqua, her counterpart. Cure Mint is noticeable braver than her civilian counterpart, and mostly gains more strength and never hesitates about using it to help others. She, like Cure Dream, has a tendency to give out a speech about courage in the middle of the battle if she has a larger role in the episode, which often provokes the villains and tell her to shut up. Unlike most of the others in Pretty Cure, she focuses on protecting, using her attacks and agility to calls forth the forces of earth and hinder the enemies from hurting others unnecessary. Alone, Cure Mint can perform the attack Mint Protection. When her powers get upgraded with the Mint Leaf, she uses Mint Shield. After getting to know Milk better, all the five girls can combine their powers and the Symphony Set to do the attack Five Explosion.

In the next season, Cure Mint is able to use an attack, Emerald Saucer, which can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. With the other five girls and their Cure Fleurets, she can perform Rainbow Rose Explosion and, with Milky Rose at the end of the season, Floral Explosion.

Bird MintEdit

Tornado MintEdit

Prayer of the wind, Tornado Mint!
Kaze no inori, Toruneedo Minto!




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Akimoto Komachi is an official character from Pretty Cure.

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